Writing up your clients’ verbatim transcript or legal document and then having to go back over it several times looking for errors can be frustrating, time consuming, and reduces the time you have available for paid work. Proofreading is tedious work. You have better things to do than look at that same transcript over and over.

Often, your eyes see what is SUPPOSED to be there, rather than what is actually there. Eye strain and brain fatigue are real problems. A set of fresh eyes can ferret out formatting errors, homonyms, homophones, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, saving you time and money (and sanity).

Delegating the tasks that aren’t paid work, frees you up to go earn more (or a well-earned break!) It also gives you flexibility to take on those last-minute jobs that can earn you a great reputation with your clients.

I can help you put together a clean, accurate, polished transcript and deliver it back to you quickly. Whether it’s hearings, depositions, examinations under oath, testimony, expert testimony, civil litigation or other law documents, my English grammar, punctuation, and research skills can help you preserve a verbatim record, professionally and confidentially.

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